How to Design an Exhibition Stand - A Begginer's Guide

Significant components that will absolutely perform well for a perfect exhibition stand

Several elements must work in harmony to establish an interesting design. Be aware of each design aspect that goes into producing your exhibition stand design will assist through the undertaking. Therefore you will be in the position to handle your funds better and not select designs that hardly deliver the wanted visual appeal.

As there are often a good number of competitors in these exhibitions, the difficulty is to make your exhibition stand get attention in a sea of other brandnames and exhibitors. It is important that your exhibition stand design and build be more than good enough to attract the attention you wish for your brand and products.

How you can catch the interest of your customers and, more significantly, make a good effect on them?

Exhibitions are active places, full of action. Whilst this will make for an absorbing day out, attendees might find themselves overwhelmed. Try and make your booth as relaxing as you possibly can. Create some area surrounding your stand, and make sure it does not look too cluttered. Possibly provide a coffee and a comfy seat to entice people with a quick respite from the busy atmosphere.

Trade show space

Stand place can restrict the evolving of stand design for exhibitions, but, in the end, it's your financial budget and trade show targets are that will determine the stand end result.
To begin with, you need to question is why it is necessary a specific size of ground space and wall space in an exhibition. The amount of items that will be exposed? The most frequent areas for which participants need, defined details to set up a stand are discussion rooms, storeroom, chill areas, cabinets for products and reception tables.

Also to be taken into consideration are:

  • Possible colour schemes
  • Interior design such as flooring and furniture
  • Design features which reflect the company background
  • Previous designs portfolio
  • Placement of more sophisticated elements, such as interactive media

Stand Type

Basic, modern, futuristic, minimalist, thematic, industrial, high-end or technological stands.


Do not trust only on the illumination that exhibit planners offer you. Have your own especially designed lighting set-up into position to get the ambiance and environment you want to provide for your customers. Colour lamps does a fantastic job when it involves showing a unique theme in your exhibition design.


Your company standards will settle on the colour palette of your exhibition stand design. Too many colours may result in more disorder, which diminishes brand recognition. Making the most clean and fastest brand connection possible in the memory of the customers.

So, these were the greater part of the involvement tips that could be employed as aspect of your exhibition stand style. People want to connect, and such appealing details in your exhibition design will result in a outstanding brand sensation for your feasible customers.

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